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Savannah New Inverness Road

Savannah New Inveress Road 1736

This highway follows an old colonial road constructed in 1736 as a measure of defense against the Spanish and Spanish Indians by connecting the fighting Scotch Highlanders at New Inverness (now Darien) with Savannah. It was surveyed and cleared by soldiers and Indians furnished by Tomo-chi-chi under the direction of Capt. Hugh MacKay by order of Gen. James Oglethorpe. The road was traveled by such famous Georgians as Button Gwinnett, Dr. Lyman Hall, and John and Joseph LeConte.

Midway US 17 @ The Midway Cemetery   USWPA   Poor, Needs Full Refurbishment   2017 HM Updates
Simon Munro

Simon Munro

Simon Munro In the family cemetery on this plantation, Westfield, Simon Munro, donor of the silver communion service used for many years in old Midway Congregational Church, is buried. Early in the Revolutionary War, Simon Munro, a resident of St. John's Parish, was banished from the State of Georgia, and forbidden to set foot within its border, because of his Tory activities. After repeated petitions from his friends and neighbors, the banishment was lifted and he was allowed to return to his home and family.

GHM 089-23 Georgia Historical Commission 1958

Riceboro Shell and Briar Bay Rd   GHS 1958      
Skirmish at Hinesville

Skirmish at Hinesville

Hinesville Hwy 84 W @ Ryon Ave   GHC        
Skirmish in Bulltown Swamp

Skirmish in Bulltown Swamp

In November of 1778, Lieut. Col. James Mark Prevost, with 100 British Regulars, and 300 Refugees and Indians under McGirth, crossed the Altamaha River and moved into Georgia, killing or taking prisoner all men they found, and ravaging the plantations. Continental troops and Militia marched against them. Near this spot, where the old Savannah to Darien road crossed Bulltown Swamp, a small detachment of Mounted Militia, Col. John Baker commanding, met and fought a delaying action with the invaders. Colonel Baker, Captain Cooper and William Goulding were wounded.

Riceboro Hwy 17 South, Near I-95 Interchange   GHC 1957 Re-positioned in July 2016, by GHS and LCHS   Good, July 2016


Many famous persons lived in the town of Sunbury. Among them was Dr. Lyman Hall, signer of the Declaration of Independence. It was also the home of Richard Howley and Nathan Brownson, later governors of Georgia; of John Elliott and Alfred Cuthbert, United States Senators; of Major John Jones and Major Lachlan McIntosh. Button Gwinnett, another signer of the Declaration of Independence, spent much time here as a Justice of St. John's Parish, and Georgia's third signer, George Walton, was among those held in Sunbury as a prisoner of the British during the Revolution. Maria J. McIntosh, noted authoress and her brother, Commodore James McKay McIntosh, hero of the Mexican War, were born in Sunbury. The Hon. John E. Ward, first United States Minister to China, and the Hon. William Law, noted Jurist, were also natives of Sunbury

Sunbury Sunbury Historic Site     1957      
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