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The Rev Mr John Osgood   Midway         The original HM was broken and was replaced in 2016 by the GHS & the LCHS   New 2016
The Sunbury Cemetary Marker

The Sunbury Cemetery Marker

Site Of Sunbury Cemetery In The Town Of Sunbury Founded 1758

Marker Erected By Georgia Society Daughters Of The American Colonists 1951

Sunbury Sunbury Historic Site   DAC 1951      
The Sunbury Cemetery   Sunbury Sunbury Historic Site   DAC        
Union Brotherhood Society

Union Brotherhood Society

William McKinley Walthour, Sr., founded the Union Brotherhood Society or "The Society" in March 1932 to help provide for the proper burial of Negro citizens. During this period of segregation and Jim Crow Laws, Negroes were uninsured and had to use homemade pine boxes to bury their loved ones. The organization collected dues of ten and twenty-five cents monthly from its members; enabling them to have death and health benefits. The Society with 34 members still exists in 2006 with death benefits of $140.00 and sickness benefits of $10.00.

At funerals, the Society members dressed in black and white, wore badges and greeted each other as Brother and Sister. Anniversary celebrations, known as the "Society Turning Out," had a worship program followed by fellowship, fun and games. The founding members were: William Walthour, Sr., Frank Baker, Willie Stevens, Joe Bowers, Wilhelmina Walthour, Beatrice Bowers, Gus Williams, Priscilla Maxwell, Rose Bell Roberts, Ben Maxwell, Sarah Jane Walthour, Joe Walthour, George Walthour Sr., William Brown, Rev. R.W. Monroe and Janie Stevens.

Less than an acre of land was purchased and a building, structured similar to an old T-shaped church, was built by The Society members for their meetings and gatherings at this location in 1932. This monument is a tribute to their unity, vision and community concern.

Midway Holmestown Road   LCHS 2007      
Walthourville Baptist Church

Walthourville Baptist Church

Founded in 1806, the North Newport Baptist Church has had several homes over the years. In 1923, the Church moved to this location and in 1952 the Church voted and renamed the church Walthourville Baptist Church.

The original Church did not have a building of its own, so it shared facilities with the Sunbury Baptist Church. In 1864 the church building was burnt by Gen. Sherman's army as a signal for gunboats anchored in the channel. Before the building was burnt, the original Bible of the North Newport church was saved by members of the church.

The present sanctuary was built in 1923. This building has two unique features; solid brick walls and a theater style floor made of heart pine. In 2000 the original tray ceiling and pine floor were restored.

Walthourville     LCHS 2003      
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