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William Bartram Trail

William Bartram Trail

Traced 1773-1777

In 1773 William Bartram, here viewed Woodmanston Plantation, later the home of his friend, Naturalist John E. LeConte.

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Woodmanston Plantation

Woodmanston Plantation

Established in 1760 by William and John Eatton LeConte, Woodmanston became one of Georgia's earliest inland swamp rice plantations. In spite of Indian attacks and marauding armies during the Revolution, Woodmanston prospered. In 1810 control of Woodmanston passed to Louis LeConte, John Eatton's son. Louis spent much of his time creating a botanical garden which became world famous for its collection of bulbs and camellias. Louis died in 1838 and his garden was eventually lost. Two of Louis LeConte's children, John and Joseph, became professors at the University of California at Berkley. John became the university's first president. Joseph is remembered for his geological research and as a founder of the Sierra Club. In 1973 Woodmanston was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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